Friday, February 4, 2011

My Mystery Tour Pup

Update: Yes, Cheyenne is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and she is mixed with pitbull.  She is one tough dog but one of the sweetest ever!

Can you guess what breed my customer Cheyenne is?
Some stats on Chey:
She is about 2 1/2 feet tall.
She is around 90-100 pounds. 
She is very friendly and loves people.
She is loyal.
She is beautiful!
She also hates thunderstorms, loves to watch TV and really loves her ball but I'm not sure that helps to figure out her breed.  Just love bragging about her.

Thanks to Peggy Frezon, Will My Dog Hate Me and Pup Fan for coming up with the blog hop!


  1. Greyhound/Mastiff? I'm so bad at this, but it is fun!

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  2. Wow 90 - 100 lbs! She's a big girl! I see yellow lab and maybe some pit bull, but what accounts for that size?! Thanks for joining the blog hop today!

  3. She is a big girl and I should have mentioned very strong! Tough trying to get her to move when she thinks there may be thunder in the area!

  4. I second the yellow lab. Mixed with what, I don't know... but labs can be pretty large! I used to live next door to two purebred chocolates and they were big boys!

  5. Mastiff would account for the size and I see a little of that maybe, but definitely Lab.

  6. Hi there, my first visit here to your blog :)

    Hey! Cheyenne looks quite a lot like MY mystery mutt Georgia! So maybe I can't say here what I think she is YET. I have my suspicions though :)

    Same weight area too. Hmmm.....

  7. I was just going to say, Chey looks a LOT like Georgia Little Pea! But I see someone already has. ;-)

    I am going to say Ridgeback and Great Dane, because that's pretty much what I said over there and I like to be different.

  8. She really is beautiful! I'm thinking Rhodesian Ridgeback and Lab - possibly Great Dane too?

  9. Ha Ha, I was going to ask if she was related to Georgia? Separated at birth?

  10. I am seeing hound in the muzzle and ears. 90 - 100 pounds could have some ridgeback genes.
    Maybe even some Doberman?

  11. And here I thought Georgia was going to give it up in honor of her look-alike Cheyenne. What a tease! Okay, I'll check back later.

    My first time here. A lovely big girl you've got!

  12. I love all of your comments. I wish I had a more detailed post but I have been short on time this week. Chey has been my longest dog walking customer and I could brag about her all day.

    Thanks to everyone that hosted the blog hop. Can't believe I didn't put that in my post but it has been corrected!

  13. Hmmm! I 'm not so good at this either. But I think -- yellow lab. She's really big. Maybe some Ridgeback. Doesn't really have a Great Dane face. Ridgebacks are pretty big. Beautiful big eyes. Love that big black nose too!
    What a beauty!

    Opie's Mom

  14. Thanks for the nice comment!

    Hmm, Cheyenne looks so much like a lot of the dogs I see every day on the streets here... I wish I knew more about breeds. She does look a bit like a Ridgeback, I agree, but the look on her face is a bit different.

    She is very pretty, but looks almost melancholic in those pictures.

  15. She looks a lot like my dog walking client, Reba. Reba is a Lab X. I hate to say it, but I can't seem to guess what the mix part is, but definitely Yellow Lab.

  16. Lab and......I think I'd have to guess ridgeback - just for the size!

    Beautiful dog!