Thursday, February 3, 2011

Does Your Dog Want A Friend?

Maybe not. 
Feeling bad your dog never had a playmate in the house?  A number of my customers have asked if I thought they should add another dog.  My answer is always maybe.
You may have a dog that loves the dog park and everyone there.  Does that mean you should get another dog? 
Your dog may love the park and she may even love dogs coming to the house to play.  This doesn't always mean moving one in is a great idea.  Some of the little things to think about before bringing a new dog home.
  • Does your dog sleep with you?  Will the new dog as well? 
  • How is your dog with toys?  They may share at the park but be possesive at home.
  • What is the energy level of your dog?  How about the new dog?
  • How long has your dog been an only dog?
  • How old is your dog?  Older dogs can get stressed by a new sibling.
The best advice I can give is to have a plan.  Does your dog have a friend that loves to come visit?  See if you can borrow him for a few days.  Test out the waters a little.  If it doesn't work out your dog can still enjoy playdates and the park.  If it does you and your dog can start looking for a new friend.  Again, please have a plan.  If you do bring a new dog home make sure you know what you will do if it goes poorly.  Your best bet may be a rescue or shelter that promises to take the dog back if there are problems.  Getting a second dog can be a great experience.  You want it to be one for your current dog too!

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