Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Do you find you are constantly saying this to your dog?  Stop pulling!  Exercise can help stop this behavior.  After a trip to the dog park a tired dog is less likely to yank you down the street.  Of course the next morning your well rested dog may be back to pulling again.  If you just can't get your dog to stop try the Easy Harness.   This harness is different from the ones you normally see.  The more traditional ones attach the leash near the dogs back.  Many times this just encourages the same pulling although it may give you more control.  Usually, just like the collar, the dog pulls, you pull back and the game begins.  The Easy Walk hooks the leash to the front near the dogs chest and doesn't produce the urge to pull.  A shorter leash is recommended so your dog isn't too far out from you.  The Easy Walk is available at most pet stores and you can get more info here.

Easy Walk

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